Jupyter in Visual Studio Code

When you work with python codes, day-by-day you want to reach the status where your code is well-managed and you can collaborate with contributors on the most efficient way.

You use git for code management and it most of the cases efficient from collaboration point of view. Nevertheless there are some situation or project where you need more or a little bit different.

For this there is a great “tool”. This is the Jupyter. Since 2014, they do their best to provide cool features for you. 🙂

Today I wouldn’t like to make a Jupyter Notebook and -Hub introduction, merely I would like to share with you a great article about how you can configure your Visual Studio Code for Jupyter.

Getting Started to Work With Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code

In this article you can find an easy-to-follow description about installation and configuration.

I hope this helps you to start to use Jupyter if it makes sense. 🙂

Don’t forget: you also can use it for another programming languages.