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SharePoint – Development
Programmatically creating Site Columns and Content Types using the App Model You can create Site columns, contetn types from PowerShell – SharePoint Online Management Shell
SPUtility – Documentation Helps to use and undertand the usage of SPUtility
Check if user is in a specified group An article about group membership checking
Server-side activities have been updated If you use SharePoint Designer 2013 to build workflows, there’s a fair chance you’ll have come across the following error message: Server-side activities have been updated. You need to restart SharePoint Designer to use the updated version of activities.
Dynamic email body from email template Sharepoint 2013 designer workflow dynamic email body from email template and replace [mycolumn] with current item [mycolumn] value
SharePoint – Javascript
Introduction to JavaScript with SharePoint 2013 This brief overview will help you come up to speed with JavaScript, but it is nota detailed review of the language. It will help you shake out the cobwebs if you’re a little rusty with JavaScript and prepare you for the material in subsequent articles.
SharePoint – Operation/Configuration
SharePoint 2013 Topology Learn how to change from the default search topology with an empty search index to a new search topology using Windows PowerShell.
Kerberos – SharePoint 2013, SQL 2012 / 2014 (Always on) for Business Intelligence The focus of this article is that you would like to configure Kerberos for all the BI functionality in SharePoint. It is a step by step checklist to ensure your Kerberos configuration is correct.

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