Significant changes in AzureRm cmdlet

One day before Valentine’s Day was published the AzureRM 5.3.0 which contains a significant changes. This shows us the Microsoft wants to change the “AzureRmAccount” related commands in PowerShell.


* ‘Add-AzureRmAccount’ has been renamed as ‘Connect-AzureRmAccount’; an alias has been added for the old cmdlet name, and other aliases (‘Login-AzAccount’ and ‘Login-AzureRmAccount’) have been redirected to the new cmdlet name.

Although this is merely an alias for old cmdlet name this means the “Add-AzureRmAccount”, “Login-AzAccount”, and “Login-AzureRmAccount” steps into depricated phase in the current format.


My suggestion to check your existing scripts to be sure you won’t be facing any issues in the near future on your PROD environments.


Let’s download and test it. 🙂